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Today, things are different.

There is social media content to create, mobile sites to build, high-converting landing pages to design, email marketing campaigns to run, and everything in between – all for the same budget as back in the day. eFraud Prevention™ | IMPAXEON™ is a solution that can help to fill all your marketing channels with great, regular content to keep everyone engaged.

eFraud Prevention™ | IMPAXEON™ offers thousands of pieces of authentic, engaging content that you can then use and repurpose in print, on social media, on your website and blog, and various other marketing channels.

We do not replace your current marketing strategies or campaigns. We help you to complete and enhance what you're already doing.

Established in 2004, eFraud Prevention™ has helped hundreds of public and private organizations to deliver fraud prevention awareness. Today, we are proud to be able to reach and protect millions of consumers in communities throughout all of the United States of America. In addition to our flagship eFraud Prevention™ service, we also offer system to deliver wellness and environmental content.

IAFCI is a global network of law enforcement, card associations, banks and non-banks, private label issuers, to name a few. eFraud Prevention™ provides the bulk of consumer awareness information on the IAFCI web site. Helping with IAFCI's effort to safeguard the world's economy through teamwork.

eFraud Prevention™ was the first online service dedicated to offering consumer awareness for fraud prevention. We were an established online service before the existence of any private or government funded consumer awareness initiatives.


eFraud Prevention

eFraud Prevention™ creates & manages fraud awareness and prevention content for Financial Institutions. The number one fear for almost every adult is financial safety. That safety is threatened or eliminated when someone becomes a victim of any one of the hundreds of scams attacking people every day by email, social media, paper mail, telephone, mobile, and web. Preventing fraud through awareness and education presents a huge opportunity for fraud teams and marketing managers.


Most Americans (70%) think environmental protection is extremely important, especially Millennials. We curate content to offer easy solutions to help everyone feel like they are doing their part. Beyond public opinion on global warming, many individuals, organizations, and institutions in the United States are getting involved. This presents a great marketing and outreach opportunity for financial institutions.


Health and wellness is about each individual's responsibility to themselves to make good choices, and proactive and preventative approaches to health that support optimum levels of physical, emotional and social functioning - focusing on purposefully positive health and a fostering sense of general well-being. Wellness is a process of becoming aware of and learning to make healthy choices that lead toward a longer and more fulfilling life. It is the recognition of the deep interconnections between physiological health and the psychological, physical, spiritual and social needs that are necessary for us to enjoy higher levels of human functioning. This presents a great marketing and outreach opportunity for financial institutions.


monthly cost

Set-Up Costs: None
License Fees: None
Cost to Consumers or Small Business: None
Additional Cost Per Branch: None
Additional IT Investment: None
Equipment / Software: None

How our service is used:

  • Completely managed web site resource section
  • Blog articles
  • Facebook posts
  • Facebook tab
  • Twitter posts
  • Instagram posts
  • YouTube videos
  • LinkedIn content
  • Email / SMS content
  • Newsletter content
  • Printable handouts
  • Branch Kiosk / brochures

Who we help:

Marketing Managers
Retail Banking
Fraud Investigators
Risk Managers
Digital Media Managers
Compliance Officers
Branch Managers
Social Media Managers

Fraud Awareness Use Cases:

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